Zoë Windsor

The original King's wise counsel – insightful, impartial and totally indispensable

Zoë has an extensive history of working in the field of coaching, partnering with senior leaders, entrepreneurs, teams and families of wealth looking for, or undergoing, significant change. Her clients are already successful and have what it takes to be so; therefore, it is not a matter of thinking harder. It is a question of thinking differently.

Right from the start, Zoë gets the measure of her clients and establishes great trust and rapport. She is insightful, smart, lighthearted, practical, challenging and forthright. Her approach to coaching is innovative and creative, which enables her clients to go beyond what they know, or think they know, about themselves and the situations they face. Zoe helps her clients to discover a whole new way of approaching how they deal with themselves, others and their lives. In so doing, she assists them in realizing their potential and learning how to act, in both their personal and professional lives, with greater freedom.

Specialties: executive coaching to manage significant change and realize personal potential.


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