Zoë Windsor

The original King's wise counsel – insightful, impartial and totally indispensable

Zoë has an extensive history partnering with senior leaders, entrepreneurs, teams and families looking for, or undergoing, significant change.  Right from the start, Zoë gets the measure of her clients and establishes great trust and rapport. She is insightful, smart, light-hearted, challenging and forthright. Her approach to coaching is innovative and creative, which enables her clients to go beyond what they know, or think they know, about themselves and the situations they face.  She helps her clients discover a whole new way of approaching how they deal with themselves, others and their lives.

Zoë’s background includes 18 years of business experience. She was Managing Director of The Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) in the UK for 4 years. Before moving into coaching, she worked as a consultant advising senior stakeholders in Telecoms operations, suppliers and governments across the globe on new technologies and trends.

Team coaching, family coaching, executive development, communication, self-talk, program design and development.


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