Vivienne Ladommatou

Making the world a better, kinder and happier place

Vivienne brings decades of experience as a leader and entrepreneur to her work as an executive coach and leadership development and acceleration expert. She has designed, developed and delivered hundreds of training programs for executives, managers and team leaders in Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, USA and Central America. Vivienne has coached and trained thousands of high achievers in many of the world’s leading corporations and organisations, and mentored many small businesses and startups. Her focus is to work with individuals, teams and organisations to make the world a better, kinder and happier place.

Vivienne began her career as an award-winning broadcast journalist and documentary maker and worked her way up to executive board member. She then set up a business to develop innovative digital learning resources at a time these weren’t commonly available, before moving in to providing breakthrough coaching. She is co-author of “Loved: How to coach yourself to wellbeing through self-love”.

Executive coaching, leadership development and acceleration, team coaching, mentoring, mediation, leading change


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