Vikram Abhishek Mall

Offers understanding, safety, insightful silences and dollops of laughter

In a client’s journey to build their capacity as a professional, entrepreneur or individual, Vikram works with them ardently toward the heart and spirit of their essence. He holds clients in understanding and encouraging spaces while they are being confronted and challenged to work toward where they want to be. He leads them in a journey of transformation that will be from awareness to action and from exclusivity to inclusivity, with dollops of insightful silences and laughter.

Using Gestalt therapy, transactional analysis, compassionate inquiry, enneagram, and the philosophy of yoga as bases for his interventions, Vikram invites clients to various perspectives and routes to action that are holistic in nature. He grounds his experience in 27 years as a coach, corporate trainer and process facilitator, working with clients in 22 countries. Vikram has also mentored coaches in organizations as part of coaching interventions.


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