Vikram Abhishek Mall

Offers understanding, safety, insightful silences and dollops of laughter

Vikram is drawn to synthesizing the unequivocal wisdom of the east with the pragmatic scientific rigor of the west. With feedback over the years Vikram is aware that he has a personable style infused with humor, creativity and story-telling and the ability to bring incisive observations about individuals and teams. He uses provocation and compassion in equal measures to close gaps between ideal and real states of individuals and teams. Vikram walks his talk.

Over the 27 years in Learning & Development and having essayed roles in The Body Shop, Freight Systems, Samsung and Nokia. He has worked in all areas of behavior: Leadership, Team Building, Communication, Creativity, behavioral Interview, Presentation Skills and Coaching. Vikram has also run Assessment/Development Centers for individuals and teams. His work has taken him to 22 countries. His methodologies/approaches comprise Individual Coaching, Group Coaching, Facilitation, Training, with support of outdoors, psychometrics(certified in MBTI, DISC and Enneagram), theater and various other forms of simulations and exercises. He continues to keep his skills updated with active memberships of Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Therapy, Compassionate Inquiry and Enneagram groups. Vikram is also a PADI certified SCUBA Instructor, a paraglider, a keen horse-rider and continues to run white water rafting expeditions.


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