Sonja Kresojevic

Lead with vision, create with purpose

Sonja is a strategic visionary and award-winning innovation executive, with nearly 30 years of experience devoted to global Fortune 500 companies. As an executive coach, strategist, advisor, facilitator and artist she works at the intersection of innovation, creative problem-solving, and leadership development; empowering individuals and organisations to navigate complex challenges and unlock their full potential.  With an ability to see the big picture, Sonja connects spiritual grounding, wellbeing and creativity to co-create innovative solutions from a place of emergence.  She also writes, speaks and lectures on a range of topics relating to human-centric transformation, leadership development and disruptive innovation.

Prior to coaching, Sonja held leadership roles in product, innovation and business transformation. Most notably she was the SVP of Innovation at an education company, where she led change on a global level. Today she is part of a global think tank aiming to shape a more positive vision for technology, business, and humanity. A true creative at heart, Sonja is an avid traveller and continues to exhibit her artwork worldwide.

Personal transformation, leadership development, well-being, creativity, transformational system change, innovation strategy, public speaking and women leadership.


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