Sabreena Andriesz

Skillfully balances traditional and contemporary methods

Sabreena is multi-faceted facilitator and coach who has devoted the past 20+ years to organisational development, senior executive coaching and team alignment.  Her approach to transformation is to generate insight on patterns and habits and create more holistic responses.  She has a deep belief that real change happens only a when a person is ready to challenge their internally held scripts.  Sabreena uses eastern and western philosophies, mindfulness, neuropsychology, advanced systems thinking and somatic awareness in her coaching.

The breadth of Sabreena’s coaching career consists of over 4,500 hours of coaching experience in diverse industries with a focus on leadership development.  Originally from Sri Lanka, Sabreena was raised in Saudi Arabia and has lived in Sri Lanka, Germany, and the United Kingdom; she is now a citizen of Singapore.

C-suite coaching, mentor coaching, action learning, workshop facilitation, business coaching, large group facilitation, personal development, cross cultural training, communication management and team building.


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