Rikke Østergaard

Bootcamp instructor for your mind and spirit

Rikke is a Danish sociologist, keynote speaker, advisor, and author.  She specialises in the fields of leadership development, corporate sociology, mental training, and job satisfaction.  Her unique and rebellious approach challenges the classic corporate way of thinking.  Rikke’s a master of conflict theory, including organisational and individual conflict resolution techniques.  She is not afraid to turn everything upside down to make room for new and creative ideas that can propel people and projects forward to the next level.

Rikke is the bestselling author of several books on how to live our optimum lives with motivation, collaboration and a stress-free work life.  Prior to coaching she held various roles as a recruiter, senior consultant and then as an executive career coach for one of Denmark’s largest unemployment funds.

Management consulting, team development, stress management, mindfulness, personality testing, recruitment, and career coaching.


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