Renata Tubini

An expert in change management in disruptive environments

Renata is a professional coach who is certified on ICCP (Integral Coaching® Certification Program) by Integral Coaching Canada Inc. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Language (FSA) with a specialization in Human Resources Management (FGV) and is also certified by Barret Value Centre on tools for organization process diagnosis.

Renata has more than 25 years of professional experience leading teams, managing projects in leadership and organizational development, and implementing culture transformation programs in multinational companies, as such as in a financial services corporation where she has worked as a HR executive in Brazil and the U.S. She is a people-oriented facilitator for individuals and groups, applying her knowledge of change management and technology change in disruptive environments to facilitate the organizational transformation process through people.

Specialties: organization process diagnosis, leadership and organizational development, implementing culture transformation programs, change management, technology change in disruptive environments.


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