Nikola Jurisic

A cultural transfiguration catalyst and values-driven business expert.

Nikola is a cultural transfiguration catalyst and leading global expert in building values driven systems at scale. He brings a career of experience working on culture with hundreds of organisations and systems around the world, blending more structured organisation level approaches (from his time at  Economist Group and McKinsey) with more individual and intuitive work (Ontological coach, Facilitator of Transformation and Spiritual Healer with 30+ tools).

Born in the Balkans, Nikola is inspired by processing collective trauma to free up energy to build values-driven societies. Described by those who know him as a “mosaic” for his ability to bring a wide range of divergent perspectives, “free radical” as a catalyst and “spiritual gladiator” for his integrity, Nikola has lived in over 20 countries. His top three values are learning, fun & adventure and excellence.

Executive and leadership coaching, cultural evolution, organisational culture diagnostics, high performing organisations, transformational change, strategy-led organisation design, capability building.


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