Nicolas Thorsen

Helping you move beyond what you thought was possible

Nicolas is passionate about assisting people in finding the best of themselves from within themselves, creating new decisions and new standards of individuality, and within a team. He inspires people to create more joy in their lives, helping them move beyond what they thought was possible. By helping clients become more aware emotionally and physiologically, Nicolas shows them how it’s easier to focus and take action to achieve goals.

Nicolas teaches energetic and innovative approaches clients can use to create a world-class work environment that really makes a difference. He coaches HR partners to promote balance between sleep, exercise and work. When they handle stress in this way, clients simultaneously solve a number of other HR challenges. They achieve greater cohesion, well-being/job satisfaction/spark; greater mental clarity, overview and profit; and create innovative solutions that yield better results with less effort.

Specialties: stress prevention; simple and effective stress management; meditation for business; mindfulness; high performance, authentic leadership; job satisfaction (Spark course).


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