Nasreen Khan

Purposeful, positive, practical and a little playful

Nasreen is an optimistic and empathetic human being. A skilled coach and facilitator, she is honored to be recommended by over 99% of the clients she has ever worked with. She brings simplicity, authenticity, and commitment to whatever she chooses to do. Three decades of experience have taught Nasreen the importance of balancing the philosophical with the practical; she now judiciously brings in a mix of Eastern wisdom with Western research and knowledge to her work.

With over 1,100 hours of coaching experience, Nasreen works both with CXOs and senior leaders in large organizations. Having been an entrepreneur herself, she loves working with founders and entrepreneurs to help them live their dreams. Nasreen also loves facilitating group workshops on areas related to leadership, coaching, training and facilitation, and team dynamics. To this end, she has also co-authored a book on facilitation.

Combining powerful intention and intellect with deeply honed skills of listening and coaching, Nasreen drives quick results and builds deep, long-term relationships. Besides taking advantage of her education and experience in business management, she also uses her knowledge of NLP and other modalities to make change easier and lasting for her clients.

Specialties: executive coaching, entrepreneurship, leadership, coaching, training and facilitation, team dynamics.


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