Megan Jo Wilson

Helps you raise your voice and rock your business

Megan Jo is a coach, trainer, mom and professional singer/songwriter. In her coaching and consulting practice, she is committed to supporting new coaches in developing visionary businesses through spiritual entrepreneurship. Standing firmly in her belief that “there is nothing more expensive than boredom,” Megan Jo also partners with small businesses and organisational teams to support them in expanding fulfilment, creativity, and humanity in the workplace. She is passionate about leadership development for women, empowering them to lead their business.

Megan Jo’s early career was in retail, where she specialised in multimedia production and project management, moving into organisational and talent development. Today, alongside her coaching and consulting work, she performs and records her own original material and sings regularly with The Fogcutters Big Band, Birdland Jazz Quartet, and a gospel choir in Portland, Maine.

Coaching and leadership development for women, L&D consulting, spiritual entrepreneurship, team building, experiential learning and mentoring.


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