Matthias Gruendler

A diagnostic mindset with a creative approach to challenges

Matthias helps his clients better leverage the synergies between strategy, culture and identity so they can lead with more positive, productive impact. He has supported organizations as a coach, facilitator and mentor since 2005. Matthias is committed to a conscious and dynamic focus on the management of identity as a leadership practice. Like an acupuncturist, he looks for the root causes that block progress while uncovering the key drivers that enhance clarity, alignment, well-being, agility, resilience and confidence. His executive background as a board member and team leader in the communications industry, combined with his skills as an artist/painter, allow him to re-frame challenges into frameworks and metaphors that can be easily understood.

As a faculty member of Telefonica’s Corporate University, he has designed and delivered transformational programs that have disrupted “business as usual” and unleashed fresh sources of energy for front- and back-office executives across multiple countries. Matthias is an accredited Business and Action coach certified across multiple diagnostics and methodologies, for example: Team Coaching International (TCI), Culture Transformation Tools (CTT), Self-Managing Leadership (SML), Organizational Relationship Systems (ORSC), Team Management Systems (TMS), and the Leadership Circle.

Specialties: identity as a leadership practice, transformational programs, strategy, culture.


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