Matthias Gruendler

A diagnostic mindset with a creative approach to challenges

Matthias is a certified business and action coach who works with executives, teams, and organisations in transition.  He helps his clients better leverage the synergies between strategy, culture and identity so they can lead with a positive impact.  Like an acupuncturist, he looks for the root causes that block progress while uncovering the key drivers that enhance clarity, alignment and confidence. His corporate background combined with his skills as an artist allows him to re-frame challenges into frameworks that can be easily understood.

Matthias grew up a student of the arts and pursued a career in painting and illustration.  His love for creativity led him to a career in the global communications industry where he spent 20+ years as a team leader, partner and board member for Ogilvy, Leo Burnett and JWT.

Identity-based leadership, effective communication, organisational transformation, leadership development, personal development and mindfulness


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