Martin Haworth

Believes unwaveringly that you can!

Martin is a leadership coach and trainer, with almost 3,000 hours of one-to-one coaching since 2001. He has a passionate belief — borne out of working with over 200 coaching clients — that everyone has the potential to be happy, successful and valued in their work and life. Martin works with leaders on most aspects of leadership. Also a writer, of over 400 business and leadership articles, in addition to ‘Super Successful Manager!’, ‘How To Land Your Dream Job’, ‘How to Win at Assessment Centers’ and ‘Succession Planning Toolkit’.

From a previous career in pharmacy leading teams from 6 to 300 people over 25 years, Martin has the personal experience on which to base his work with others. Ever resourceful, supportive and flexible, he is renowned for being a good listener and a coach who only wants the very best for the client he collaborates with.

Leadership development, including time management, communication, feedback, coaching, performance management, individual development, pipeline, succession planning


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