Mari Blomqvist

Think big, Feel great, Act in your way

Mari is a passionate developer who wants to help people find their full potential in different areas of life and in different situations. During her over 25-year career she has noticed human behavior is the same wherever you go: We want to be listened to and appreciated. We want to belong to a group. And we want to know what’s going to happen next.

Mari has coached, trained and consulted people in many kinds of organizations from small companies to big international organizations and also governmental organizations. She started her career as a work psychological researcher, after that she worked 9 years as an HRD professional for the food industry. Since 2011 she has run her own business in the field of coaching and training.

Behavioral sciences, coaching, NLP and improvisation theater form a basis of her way of working with people. Her core skills are participative group facilitation, interactive training and a warm way of coaching. As an individual coach Mari is a good listener who uses various methods to nourish coachee’s thinking, emotions and actions.

Specialties: Interactive leadership training, systemic team coaching, brain based coaching


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