Marcia Reynolds

A master of pushing you through the discomfort zone to success

Marcia is a speaker, trainer and coach with over 30 years of experience in organisational training and development.  Her passion it to share the science and art of coaching to make a difference on this planet.  A lifelong learner, Marcia uses the skills from her successful corporate career to help her clients increase engagement and results.  She is the past president of the International Coaching Federation, an author of three books and speaks at coaching and leadership conferences around the world.

Previously, Marcia ran training departments for two global companies. She designed the culture change programs at Microchip Technology, a global semiconductor manufacturing company.  These programs helped transform the culture and took the company from near bankruptcy to the number #1 US stock market success, increasing revenue by $200 million.

Executive coaching, emotional intelligence, behavioural change, global leadership training, instructional development, training & mentoring ICF coaches, corporate training, effective conversations, and performance management.


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