Marcia Reynolds

A master of pushing you through the discomfort zone to success

Marcia is a speaker, trainer and coach who helps leaders and coaches hold powerful and effective conversations that change people’s minds, hearts and behavior. She helps her clients increase emotional intelligence, engagement and results. Marcia has worked in 41 countries reaching over 100,000 people.

Marcia found coaching after a successful corporate career. She was the fifth global president of the International Coach Federation and is back on the board as a Global Director. In addition to providing coaching, she trains coaches as the Training Director for the Healthcare Coaching Institute at Virginia Tech and teaches at coach training schools in Russia and China.

Marcia has an impressive client list and is a well-recognized author of three books. She has a doctorate in organizational psychology and two master’s degrees in education and communications. Marcia is passionate about sharing the science and art of coaching so she can work together with clients to expand minds, uplift hearts and connect souls to make a difference on this planet.

Specialties: executive coaching, developing emotional intelligence, training coaches.



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