Lisha Davidovits

Creates a dynamic interactive, and supportive space for growth

As a certified Success Coach, Lisha helps high achievers accelerate and further their success, strengthen their performance and relationships, and increase their happiness through methods that are dynamic, interactive, and supportive. With coaching, her clients expertly handle challenges and experience impactful results, fueled by the deepening and furthering of their actionable insights, intentional mindset, positive intelligence, and emotional agility. What ensues is greater resilience, confidence, and courage…where their best selves and optimal potential thrive.

Lisha’s professional impact is enhanced by over 20 years’ experience in coaching, consulting, and client relations roles for senior managers and executives in Fortune 500 companies. She also has 5 years’ experience as a Dale Carnegie trainer/coach and performance consultant, helping people communicate more effectively, strengthen interpersonal skills, and lead with courage and inspiration. Lisha holds two BA degrees, in Psychology and in Rhetoric and Communication, from University of California, Davis.


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