Khawla Alhaidari

Balance is the key to living a meaningful life!

Khawla is a leadership coach, facilitator, mentor, and speaker for Essence Mastery. Her focus is leadership, culture, and holistic systems. Having lived and worked in three continents, Khawla now primarily works in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. She is passionate about supporting leaders and focusing on driven teams who seek inner wisdom to strive and tap into their full potential while managing the demands of the fast-paced world we live in. Her clients describe her daring, caring, wise and enthusiastic.

Her early career was in employee development in the oil industry. She has built on this through her work with executives, leaders and teams. Her mission is to awaken and empower leaders who dare to lead with faith, courage, and responsibility. Her passion is to inspire and connect human beings to themselves and with each other as they embrace their creative power to lead change in the world.

Leadership development, coaching, strategic visioning, cultural intelligence, emotional intelligence, change management, conflict resolution, performance enhancement.


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