Ken Sato

Coaches from an experienced bilingual and bicultural perspective

Takeshi, or “Ken” among his English-speaking clients, is a bilingual, bicultural executive coach based in Tokyo, Japan. With 30 years of experience in senior leadership positions at several multinational companies, he has the unique ability to understand the challenges of managing businesses and teams.  Takeshi specializes in supporting English-speaking expats in Japan as well as Japanese executives with global roles.

Prior to coaching, Takeshi started his career at Nissan Motor Company, assuming key roles in sales, marketing and product planning, both in Tokyo and the U.S.  He then served as the President of Sensata Technologies Japan, a global leader in high precision sensing devices, where he improved profitability by 50% and contributed to the parent company’s IPO.

Business communication, executive coaching, employee engagement & retention, negotiation strategy, business presentations, decision making and team dynamics.


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