Kate Matrunola

Supports the resilience, determination and focus leaders need

Kate has more than 20 years’ experience working in political media relations and corporate communications, including holding the role of Global Head of Communications for one of the world’s largest multinationals. This has given her a firm understanding of the resilience, determination and focus needed to succeed in highly pressurised workplaces – as well as learning how to overcome challenges, foster resilience and to thrive instead of merely survive in often challenging environments.

She is now an accredited coach, specialising in working with senior executives and their wider teams. This combines her natural instinct to help, support and motivate people with her decades of senior leadership experience in problem solving, managing large teams and engaging and motivating employees – especially during periods of change.

Executive coaching, team coaching, engagement, change, leadership and team development, cross-cultural awareness, communications, executive presence, resilience


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