Joanne Brem

A big picture thinker and extraordinary conversationalist

Joanne is an executive coach who brings years of hands-on experience to the field of organisational leadership development.  She engages clients and their teams in conversations and practices that transform the way they lead and work together.  Joanne draws upon numerous psychological, sociological, spiritual and leadership philosophies in her coaching and facilitation.  Her goal is to connect clients to their most authentic sense of self; giving them the capacity to inspire, engage, collaborate and increase productivity in their teams.

Prior to coaching Joanne led a successful 17+ year career in sales.  Most notably she worked at Amdahl Corporation, a semiconductor manufacturer, where she consistently exceeded quota and was rated #2 in the country with over $30M in sales.

Team process facilitation, leadership transition, keynote presentations, sales consulting, strategic planning, problem solving, communication and team building.


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