Joanne Brem

A big picture thinker and extraordinary conversationalist

Joanne engages clients and their teams in extraordinary conversations and experiences that transform the way they lead and work together. She connects her clients to their authentic, most empowered sense of themselves and unique style in how they lead, and helps them develop the capacity to inspire and sustain peak levels of engagement, collaboration, creativity and productivity in their teams.

Joanne’s areas of expertise include cultivating authentic executive presence, developing a compelling personal leadership brand, and leadership communication that inspires full engagement and peak performance, and developing big picture and systems thinking. She is very effective at conducting crucial conversations and resolving conflict, effective influence across the organization, navigating the political landscape, building long-term strategic partnerships and stakeholder relationships, and strategic planning and execution. Joanne facilitates these team processes: strategic planning, problem solving, team building and re-formation.

Specialties: leadership development, executive coaching, sales consulting, team process facilitation (visioning, strategic planning, team building), keynote presentations.


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