Jean-Francois Cousin

Loves an epic story – especially yours!

Jean-Francois is a global executive coach who works with CEOs, C-Suite executives, and leadership teams across all industries and services.  He believes that everyone has the potential for greatness and makes it his mission to support organisations in harnessing their growth.  As a former senior executive, he is skilled at partnering with senior leaders due to his ability to quickly understand their environment and pressure-points.  He is a natural born storyteller and leads with enthusiasm and passion.

Prior to coaching, Jean-Francois spent over 15 years in the corporate sector.  In his most recent role, he was the Global VP of Strategy for Lafarge, a leading multinational company in the building materials industry.  He is also a keynote speaker, and has engaged hundreds of audiences around the world.

Leadership development, onboarding, career transition, organisational and cultural change management, strategic planning and cross-cultural leadership.


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