Jaya Machet

Helps you be your true self more skillfully

Jaya is an executive coach specialising in leadership and storytelling. She helps leaders in successfully managing themselves, their teams, change and transitions. She is keen to support her clients in maximizing their personal effectiveness and finding their unique solutions to leadership challenges. Jaya’s coaching expertise builds on a strong foundation of 20+ years in senior management positions at Nokia, in both global and regional roles. She has managed high-performing, cross-cultural, and virtual teams across three continents. Jaya combines this organisational and strong business experience with empathetic coaching skills to enable her clients to gain self-awareness and influence, and to inspire and engage others.

Having lived in India, Switzerland, and Singapore, Jaya successfully bridges Eastern and Western thinking with an in-depth understanding of both cultures.

Executive coaching, leadership development, business storytelling, team coaching, facilitation & Bikablo visual facilitation.


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