Harald Gabriel

Bringing energy, compassion and humour

Harald is a seasoned coach, facilitator, and trainer with years of experience in both business and people leadership. He combines profound knowledge of underlying psychological concepts with strong interpersonal skills that he pragmatically leverages to meet his clients learning needs.

He finds pride and joy in supporting individuals, who want to learn how to be better leaders. He loves the energy and the dynamics of a workshop room just as well as the reflective depth of intensive coaching conversations.

Harald is a certified ATD Master Trainer (American Association for Talent Development) and has completed various coaching certifications. As a coach and trainer, he draws on a variety of methods and tools that he pragmatically adapts to the respective clients’ needs -supplemented by his ability to connect with people through empathetic listening, energy, compassion and humour.

leadership development, talent development, building personal resilience, systemic coaching, diversity & inclusion


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