Han Ee Lim

Calming and level-headed in the face of a challenge

Drawing on 20 years of leadership experience in high-stakes military, sports and business environments, Han Ee uses the language of sports and performance psychology to enhance leadership and team effectiveness in organisations.

His core coaching capabilities have helped his clients in leadership roles to sharpen their ability to stay composed under pressure (e.g., meeting sales targets), galvanize a team under complex situations (e.g., business transformation), and bounce back from setbacks (e.g., startups). Han Ee also specialises in coaching teams. Harnessing insights from his past experience in numerous “search and rescue” military operations and helping sport teams overcome “choking” moments, he now supports project and business teams to shift from a dysfunctional culture to a high-performance culture.

Coaching teams, leadership and team effectiveness, high-performance culture development.


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