Giuseppe Totino

A great listener and guide through your toughest challenges

Giuseppe is an engaging, direct, and detail-oriented coach.  For over 15 years, he has worked with more than 1,000 top executives, middle managers, emerging leaders, and teams worldwide in various large multi-national organisations.  He designs and delivers training programs that focus on communication, conflict management and leadership.  Giuseppe leads with curiosity and is passionate about learning what is happening “behind the mask” we all wear.  He is a registered ICF mentor coach and is trained to assess and guide coaches through their accreditation process.

Early in his career, Giuseppe was a former UK chartered tax advisor and an international consultant with KPMG.  He is also a lecturer and facilitator at Rollins College, University of Miami and Georgetown University.

Emotional intelligence, systems thinking, intercultural coaching, training & mentoring ICF coaches, team leadership, people management, complex decision making, nutrition and action planning.


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