Gina Paigen

In awe of the incredible diversity of human experience

Gina is a professional coach, facilitator, leadership consultant, and culture-building specialist who is passionate about guiding individuals to a deeper sense of purpose.  Her initiatives are oriented around the real-world experiences of her clients and are directly linked to their performance objectives and desired outcomes.   She works with her clients to maximize talent, expand creativity, break down silos and deliver a healthy ROI.  Gina’s experience with a wide range of clients, from West African immigrants to World Bank executives, has given her a true appreciation for the incredible diversity of the human experience.

Prior to stepping into the arena of talent development, Gina worked as a musician and photographer, and then spent 17 years as CEO of a multi-million-dollar historic restoration company which she built from the ground up.

DEI, mindfulness, human development, neuroscience, entrepreneurship, cross-cultural training, communication and team building.


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