Ed Irons

An international citizen with a desire to know the world

Ed is experienced in working in Asia and especially China. Whether in exporting, training, executive coaching or academic research, his focus has been on helping others interact in and understand Asia. Ed spent 8 years in Taiwan and 30 years in Hong Kong, as well as shorter periods in Japan and Thailand. Ed speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, a smattering of Thai, basic French and some Korean. He has broad business experience in Asia as well; in fact, he learned business from Chinese mentors. Ed has sourced factories in the hills of central Taiwan, the wastelands of northern China, and Hong Kong’s concrete jungles. Ed has a passion for Chinese religious and cultural studies. At heart, he is a student of Chinese culture, and that is a lifelong calling.

Specialties: executive coaching for multinational corporations in Asia, leadership training and development, exporting, consumer product sourcing and development, research into contemporary religious organizations in Asia, and Buddhism and other Chinese spiritual traditions.


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