Dennece McKelvy

Open and compassionate yet direct and focused

Dennece is a conscious leader offering a sacred space for executives, teams and groups to be the change they want to see in their world. She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and compassion as a coach, leader, and facilitator. Her style is open and compassionate, yet direct and focused. Dennece is a neutral partner and team facilitator who listens deeply, reflects back, and challenges perceptions and limiting habits. Her coaching approach invites leaders to challenge their assumptions, use self-reflection as a tool for change and use “outside-in” information as a roadmap to ultimately raise the collective performance of all.

Dennece’s earlier responsibilities as a senior leader for divisional profit and loss in large corporations, particularly in the manufacturing sector, increased her awareness of the importance of group development. She is certified in several team/group processes that focus on developing trust and support of one another. Her team and group coaching helps clients develop systemic awareness that breaks down silos, transfers knowledge, increases emotional intelligence and ultimately creates highly effective and valued team members.

Leadership coaching, self-reflection, team and group coaching


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