Daniel Ludevig

Making a positive mindset a mainstream reality

Daniel is a facilitator, corporate cultural strategist and professionally certified coach with a passion for impactful transformation in business and life. Born in New York and currently living in Berlin, he moved into leadership consultancy and facilitation after a varied career including working in the arts, hospitality, architecture and cancer care.

Working in both English and German, Daniel’s coaching style pushes the thinking boundaries of his clients and has them connecting to themselves in ways unlike any they’ve experienced before. Using methods that activate the minds, hearts and bodies of his clients, Daniel helps coachees notice shifts in their mindsets and behaviours with notable increases in integrity, coherence and resilience. Through their discoveries, leaders working with Daniel experience better decision making as well as greater well-being, creativity, presence and impact.

Leadership development and coaching, systemic thinking, mindfulness, masterful facilitation and innovation, corporate cultural strategy.


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