Damian Fearns

Solution-focused and curious about the human mind

A psychologist by background, Damian has over 25 years of knowledge and experience in working with diverse organisations, groups and individuals in leadership, coaching, therapeutic and teaching roles. He is a qualified integral coach, solution-focused therapist, enneagram practitioner and health promotion specialist.

His recent work has been focused on creating and delivering state-of the-art leadership programs for global organisations with exceptional results. As he is always teaching, he is always learning, with a particular interest in neuropsychology, behavioural science, ancient wisdom, integral development, health and technology. Damian is driven to understand humans: how we work and how we make the most of our talents and untapped potential, including his work with neuro-divergent clients and in developing teams with neuro-divergent staff. He has a relaxed manner, builds rapport quickly, is passionate about his work and presents with clarity and verve.

Leadership programs, neuropsychology, neurodiversity, behavioural science, ancient wisdom, integral development, health and technology


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