Cheryl Shuttle

Pursuit of excellence

Cheryl has a passion for the pursuit of excellence and strives to constantly come up with new ways to develop and inspire people to push themselves out of their comfort zones in order to grow and become their best selves. Cheryl knows what it takes to develop, nurture and build high performing teams, effective leaders and a strong corporate culture and has worked to help organisations transform through the development in these areas. Taking a strategic and holistic approach to transforming organisations, she has worked with multidisciplinary teams to achieve corporate success and drive excellence.

With a business background in Learning & Development, HR and business strategy, Cheryl now works with C-suite executives, teams, operations and HR leaders to improve employee performance and drive better business results. She is also a faculty member at London Business School.

Leadership development, leading and managing change, executive and team coaching, training design and delivery, performance management, innovation using Human Centred Design, personal transformation and learning through adventurous experiences and pushing boundaries.


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