Andy Chan

Makes you think. Helps you do.

Andy is a seasoned people development professional and an empathetic learning partner.  He reaches for the best in others by creating a climate of psychological safety.  He has experience in most of the major industries as an independent consultant and has lived and studied in various parts of the world.  Currently settled in Singapore, he often makes use of his organisational and geographical cultural lenses to uncover blind spots, enrich understanding, and build confidence.  Aspiring to gamify consciousness development, his style is light-heartedly provocative and supportively confronting.

Andy has over 22 years of experience in corporate business both as a sales manager and a leader.  His HR development career started in the manufacturing sector where he focused on quality improvement projects.  He then worked at Thus, a Scottish telecom company, where he created a suite of leadership development programs in-house.

Corporate leadership event design and facilitation, leadership development, sales management, small learning groups and gamification.


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