Andrea Klincokova

Honoured to help others know and love themselves

Andrea’s passion is helping people transform their lives — corporate, business or personal. She draws on 25+ years of personal experience in many different industries, and has worked directly with over 40 nationalities. In her work life, she started at the bottom and left from a board-level position. For the past 15 years, Andrea has enjoyed the privilege of helping other people with their personal and professional growth.

By leveraging her own personal experience in the corporate world and using skills and techniques from different schools, Andrea has designed and delivered local and international leadership programs at many levels. In the last 15 years, she has mentored, trained and coached hundreds of leaders in all sorts of industries and disciplines.

Andrea has designed several boutique coaching and training programs exclusively for women over the past several years. Focusing on specific areas and tailored to the needs or wishes of each woman or group, these programs have been successful in helping women make constant small steps until the desired transformation is achieved.

Specialties: leadership training and development, mentorship, transformation (corporate, business or personal), including programs focused on women.



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