Alexandra Wicksel

C'est La Vie (That's life)

Alexandra is a coach and strategic communications expert with a passion for understanding the human experience and our potential. She has a diverse background in marketing, data, market research, behavioral science, and international development, and uses this expertise to help individuals align their personal vision and values with the way they make a living and impact the world.

Alexandra has 12+ years’ experience in global organizations as a strategic project director & communications consultant, using cutting-edge research and data to drive engaging communication campaigns for companies across multiple industries in Europe, USA, Middle East and Africa.

After a burnout in 2018, Alexandra began her journey as a coach and strategic consultant. She started The Leap to help leaders and their teams grow their mindset and performance. She combines the best of psychological, emotional, and spiritual practices to help her clients navigate complex projects and transformations to unlock their full potential and thrive. Alexandra works with leaders from a wide range of smaller creative startups to large global corporations, and she also takes on selected projects as a strategic consultant for larger marketing, data, and communications projects.

Specialties: personal & professional growth, behavioral change, mindfulness & stress management, human design, strategic communications, emotional intelligence.


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