Adrijana Strnad

Dedicated to masterful change and beautiful simplicity

Adrijana is a coach, trainer and facilitator who helps organisations excel by igniting, developing, and nurturing their capacity to transform.  As a change catalyst, she supports teams of executives in leading their organisations towards long-term success by levelling up their leadership skills and deploying processes that navigate uncertainty and complexity. Fuelled with relentless curiosity, she is keen on discovering how team dynamics, personal growth and business performance are connected.  Adrijana believes in simplicity, in working with the spirit of play, daring to dream big, owning our choices and showing up in life.

Prior to launching her coaching and consulting practice she worked primarily in the industries of ICT and Telecommunications.  She has over 15 years of international corporate experience, where she managed high performing teams in the field of Marketing Operations, Communications and Organisational Development.

Executive & team coaching, leadership development, learning design, change management, organisational development, strategic HR management, intercultural training and consulting.


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