Adeyanju Olomola

A quick thinker with deep insights

Adeyanju is a leadership and organisational coach who knows what it takes to build strong teams.  She focuses on creating a space of authenticity, empathy and trust for her clients.  With a background in operations, Adeyanju uses her hands-on experience to help managers and executives find balance between their organisational and personal goals.  In addition, she coaches females in mid-to-senior management positions on letting go of self-doubt so that they can lead with confidence and joy.

Prior to coaching, Adeyanju spent 20 years in the fast-moving consumer goods world.  She held key roles as both the National Key Accounts Director and Head of Public Affairs & Communications at the Nigerian Bottling Company, a division of the Coca-Cola Group.

Transformational leadership, personal & professional development, career & life transitions, skills training, building and resourcing teams, performance management and mentoring.


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