Our Ethos:
Integrated & Transformational Development

When the business paradigm shifts, so must the focus of leadership development programs.

We need to transform leaders so they can transform their world through transformational development

Wherever they are in the world, leaders need to understand how to translate the psychological, sociological and environmental effects of our new business landscape, and to lead themselves and others through our ever-evolving world.

They need to have an awareness of how we and our world are interconnected.

Our transformational development programs are designed to prepare individual leaders and their organisations for the challenges they face today – and the ones that lie ahead.

Transformational Leadership development training needs a self-growth focus

The most successful organisations understand the need to identify and nurture home-grown leadership talent.

TNM believes that, when given the opportunity to participate in transformational leadership and integrated development programs, leaders will not only develop the necessary skills, qualities and mindset required to lead, but their experience of self-growth will be accelerated.

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We need new measures of success for future leaders

The emerging generation of leaders is working in unchartered waters which means they need skills and measures of success that exceed any that have gone before them.

How well do they understand the forces at play in the world? How do they define their role as leaders? Are they equipped to lead?

Using over 20 years of experience, TNM has identified the key measures of success for effective leaders to answer these questions.

  • Agility
    Effective leaders adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

  • Courage
    Effective leaders raise difficult issues in the face of vested interests and make hard and well-informed choices.

  • Communication skills
    Effective leaders engage in conversations that create clarity and shared understanding.

  • Openness and Inclusivity
    Effective leaders connect with people of diverse backgrounds with equal sensitivity and understanding.

  • Innovation
    Effective leaders both appreciate and demonstrate creativity and alternative ways of thinking.

  • Strategic Thinking
    Effective leaders create roadmaps and metrics.

  • Influential
    Effective leaders attract others to them enriching their ability to collaborate.

  • Tech Savvy
    Effective leaders adopt new technologies to achieve results.

  • Mindful
    Effective leaders are spiritually intelligent and aware of interconnectivity.

Your leaders need integrated programs to succeed

The new leadership requirements and measures of success have helped us create programs and coaching offerings that create well-rounded, prepared leaders who are equipped for whatever tomorrow throws at them.

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