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Our clients’ real breakthroughs with TNM’s leadership development, executive coaching and coach-led training programs. (Because they really work!)

The 3 types of results we get for our clients

We work in the field of human development and potential. We achieve client breakthroughs and transformations by going deep into an organisation’s DNA and embedding inspired solutions at all levels.

We aim to change an organisation by:


Embedding a coaching and feedback culture


Shifting your leadership paradigm 


Evolving your business

TNM isn’t a training organisation.



Rather, we’re a coaching organisation that delivers training and transformation through our coaching expertise. Our unique approach and the success of our clients are what sets TNM apart.

Case studies

  • Case Study 1
    Keeping everyone in the loop for executive coaching

    Coaching involves more than just a coach and the coachee – at TNM we believe in bringing together the people around the coachee to provide input and support throughout the process. Here’s how that worked for one client.

    Client/Coachee: The Regional Business Head (Asia Pacific) for a global company with a European HQ.

    The coachee was supported by their line manager, the Global Business Head, and the HR Business Partner (both located at the European HQ).

    Need: The coachee needed to find a new way of addressing challenges, learn how to trust his team to work without his intervention so he could concentrate on strategic issues, and learn how to lead his department forward.

    The process:

    • Coach Selection: the coachee was matched with a coach who had a high level of experience with senior roles and understood what the coachee needed to transform. The candidate felt secure after meeting the coach, telling us: “The coach made a very experienced impression on me and could sense after the initial session where my problems could possibly be.”
    • Kick-off call: all parties – the coachee, HR Business Partner and line manager – were involved so that the coach could get input from each player. This ensured the timing, focus and duration of the coaching would meet the coachee’s objectives.
    • Preparation: the coach prepared thoroughly by interviewing stakeholders before any coaching took place to gather information on the coachee’s challenges and ensure expectations were aligned. The HR Business Partner was impressed with the approach, telling us: “…this is one of the things that the coach brought to the table which I believe was vital. We could easily have ended up in a situation where the candidate thought he was making progress but where the expectations on the part of his manager were entirely different.”
    • Coachee Sessions: The coach provided support within and outside of the sessions, asking for updates and, in the coachee’s words doing “sanity checks” with his department. The coach also maintained three-way involvement of the key parties so that everyone was updated on progress and challenges.

    Results: The results of the coaching program manifested quickly. The coachee told us that “After every session, I was always motivated to implement the learning from the session and the response of the team was positive.” Their manager was just as enthusiastic, telling us “The progress and speed was quite amazing and radical changes were achieved in a few sessions.”

    The coachee reported that as a result of the sessions he now had a 180-degree change in his mindset: “Initially was thinking that I am only able to lead this particular department and would only be able to work in this line of work. I am now more of a generalist and also able to take over leadership in other sectors of the industry.”

    The coachee magnified their results by attending a leadership course which give them more insight into their leadership styles and enabled them to work on a 100-day plan to increase engagement in the department. Their manager commented that this powerful combination “… made the person a more whole leader – knowing what shortcomings he had to work with combined with getting a toolbox of leadership skills.”

  • Case Study 2
    A rapid pivot to digital learning

    This case study is an example of how TNM Coaching has helped clients adapt to short-term disruptions, such as those posed by COVID restrictions, while meeting long-term objectives of making learning more inclusive and environmentally sustainable.

    Client: Multi-national pharmaceutical company with facilities in 13 countries.

    Need: To transform an existing TNM-designed face-to-face program for Steering Group members and project managers into a virtual format to meet COVID restrictions, reduce the environmental impact of travel and cater to dispersed teams.

    Objectives: To build a distance learning experience that included all aspects of the face-to-face program, including:

    • video micro-learning teaching pieces to introduce key concepts;
    • online discussions in a course cohort to maintain the interactive nature of the course; and
    • phased delivery so participants could implement ideas and report back, receive feedback, and build on each other’s ideas.

    Solution: Over the summer of 2020 TNM rapidly redesigned the program from two face-to-face modules with several weeks in between, to a three-week virtual program, delivering:

    • participant communication messaging from invitation through to the program’s conclusion;
    • a program brochure to share internally;
    • two completely customised micro-learning videos for each week of the program;
    • an internal podcast-style interview with senior leaders for each week of the course;
    • three group call working sessions with slides: Kick-off, Check-in (Week 2), Conclusion;
    • weekly assignments to be completed on the job;
    • an editable PDF participant manual; and
    • additional resources for participants who wish to explore the topics further.

    The client was also given the choice of:

    • housing the program on an internal learning platform and managing it themselves or TNM hosting and facilitating the program; and
    • three different video styles/looks.

    Results: The client believed that TNM exceeded both production and content expectations. The process set new learning opportunities and perspectives internally – far beyond the scope of the remit. It also set an example for how future learning might be produced, decreasing the environmental impact of learning long-term, and making it possible to extend learning to far more participants.

    The redesign process also provided the client with an opportunity to update content and add more value, especially by including senior leaders in internal podcast-style interviews each week. Since audio interviews are cost-effective and simple to update, these new course elements can be re-recorded as the organisation grows and changes. The video and audio files can also be used or reinforced by the client in other contexts and platforms.

    Learn more about our tailored business solutions

  • Examples of our leadership work 1

    Design a saleable leadership development and culture change program to unlock radical collaboration to empower leaders worldwide to drive organisational change and transformation (incl. upskilling HRDs and spreading transformational tools). leveraging our Leadership 101 programs and our  L&D development process.

  • Examples of our leadership work 2

    Design and deliver experiential leadership and innovation program to reduce interpersonal conflicts, increase senior leadership team collaboration, and unlock regional business transformation – leveraging our Communication, Collaboration & Coaching for Leaders programs and L&D development process.

  • Examples of our leadership work 3

    Design and deliver leadership program for the senior leadership team to shift culture, mindsets, and behaviors towards agility ad coaching and feedback cultiure – leveraging key elements from our Personal Impact Leadership programs.

  • Examples of our leadership work 4

    Design and deliver distinct leadership programs to engage and empower top talent across middle management team in the opportunities and capabilities for innovation, creativity, and digital transformation – leveraging key elements from our Accelerate Talent programs and curriculum.

  • Examples of our leadership work 5

    Design and deliver highly-experiential leadership and innovation program to harness Artificial Intelligence across all functions aimed at emerging leaders – leveraging key elements from our You and AI program and  our  L&D development process.

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