Leelou AI – a Coach for Everyone in your Organisation

Because your people deserve incredible on-demand coaching support.

Meet Leelou:
your AI-powered corporate coach

Welcome to a groundbreaking evolution in coaching: an exceptional AI coach – innovative, perceptive and strategic – on hand to provide support whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Leelou transcends the realm of a mere chatbot. Leelou is your wayshower, coach, mentor, and confidante, delivering support that feels remarkably human.

With Leelou, you’ll have the perfect companion for your, and your team’s, professional development journey with personalised guidance that complements in-person coaching or learning programs and aligns with your organisational needs.


Tailored corporate coaching for every employee

Corporate coaches provide guidance, support, and mentoring to individuals or teams to help them achieve specific professional goals, enhance leadership skills, overcome challenges, and maximise their potential.

But…the effectiveness of any type of coaching intervention, depends on how closely it aligns with the coachee’s unique challenges, aspirations and working environment.

With detailed input, Leelou can create bespoke coaching sessions that help people regardless of their role in your organisation with a multitude of issues in a meaningful, highly specific way.

Leelou can help you and your people with…

  • Building skills in interpersonal communication, time management, collaboration and leadership
  • Creating a career pathway for faster growth and development and progress
  • Increasing self-awareness for greater empathy, connection, and team spirit
  • Improving communication skills for better collaboration, conflict resolution, and relationship building
  • Stress reduction for work-life balance, reduced burnout and overall well-being
  • Accountability for employee’s actions, commitments, focus and motivation
  • Empowerment so employees take ownership and commit to their interests in the organisation
  • Increasing engagement for employees so they feel valued, supported, and engaged in their professional growth
  • Organisational alignment between employees’ goals and objectives and the business’s strategic priorities for organisational success and performance

Whether you need to address delegation dilemmas, find your authentic leadership style, improve your project management skills or foster trust with your team, Leelou’s meticulously crafted guidance is designed to uncover and tap into your and your team’s potential.

Insightful coaching support

Just like a human coach, Leelou’s advanced memory capability enables her to understand your unique context, providing progressively personalised support that resonates with your needs.

The more feedback and information Leelou receives, the more relevant insights she can uncover for you about how to transform your interpersonal, communication and management skills and as a result, grow as a person and as a leader.

Customisable to reflect your organisation

Leelou can be customised so the coaching aligns perfectly with your organisation’s environment and goals. Furthermore, Leelou can be used in multiple languages.

The Leelou AI Coach can adapt to reflect your organisation’s values and leadership frameworks. Leelou can also be integrated easily with existing professional development initiatives, HR systems, and learning management systems so you gain valuable insights into coaching topics and progress – all while remaining GDPR compliant and secure, safeguarding your privacy rights.

Created with TNM’s trusted experts in coaching and professional development

Bringing together a wealth of knowledge and experience from experts who serve major global enterprises, the Leelou AI Coach platform is an accessible way to empower employees at every level with high-quality support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy and security are our priority

At Leelou AI Coach, safeguarding your privacy and security is paramount. Our cutting-edge soware boasts SOCII certification, ensuring the utmost protection of your data. Rest assured, your information will never be used training purposes or shared with anyone as per our steadfast commitment to the AI Bill of Rights.

Experience Leelou

Leelou provides:

  • Richly insightful, authentic, and natural coaching conversations
  • Best-practice coaching techniques
  • Guidance for professional and personal growth
  • Active listening and reflective questioning
  • Accountability to ensure your success

Ready to embrace a new way to meet your potential?

Schedule a demonstration and witness first-hand the transformative power of AI to democratise coaching for your organisation.

It’s time to enhance your professional development journey with Leelou AI Coach by your side.



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