Why become a coach?

Because you’ve got the drive to change lives.

Is becoming a coach the right path for you?

Do you find yourself feeling called to do something bigger than yourself that contributes to helping others find happiness and success?

In essence, coaching is a partnership between the coach and the coachee, centering around the coach guiding the client to unlock their potential to make a significant contribution to the world around them – rather than giving unsolicited advice or making decisions for people.

If people already come to you for advice and you genuinely care about how they feel, life coaching or executive coaching might be for you.

We often find that people who come to coaching:

  • have a deep sense of empathy for people and feel called to do something to help.
  • easily connect with people and are interested in assisting people in their growth.
  • have had wonderful results from their own personal development work and see a space to help others on their journey.
  • are naturally curious and love asking lots of questions because they genuinely want to know the answers.
  • love ‘aha’ or ‘lightbulb’ moments – both their own and others.
  • are good listeners and natural communicators.
  • are often seeking a more fulfilling career with deeper outcomes that helps them achieve balance in their lives – whatever that looks like for them.

If these resonate with you, and you envision a future where you can make a positive impact on the people and communities around you, it’s time to explore coaching.

Find out how you can change the world with coaching

The benefits of becoming a coach extends far beyond your career

Coaching is an enriching and meaningful career that not only enhances the lives of the people you coach but can radically change your world, too.

Learning the skills to coach others successfully – communication, listening, questioning, leadership, self-coaching, emotional intelligence, and setting boundaries – builds resilience, self-esteem, self-confidence and healthy relationships with yourself as well as your coachees.

You may see things in yourself you’ve never seen before, and you may overcome challenges in your professional and personal relationships more easily, while at the same time evolving a greater sense of awareness about yourself and others that stretches far beyond what you expected.

Coaches exist to help people reach their true potential, including themselves. Once you expand your consciousness and realise there is more beyond your current identity, you can experience the magic of transformation and recognise opportunities that will help you reach your highest self.

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The Evolutionary Coaching Approach can take you even further

Standard coaching approaches can be, well, uninspiring.

The Evolutionary Coaching Approach goes deeper than many standard coaching frameworks to take a coachee from their immediate life challenges to discovering their true purpose. As a coach, it aligns deeply with your values of compassion, contribution, creativity and global transformation.

This approach allows you to elevate your coaching beyond solving everyday problems to unlocking a higher level of people’s consciousness to enhance their capacity to contribute to a better, kinder world.

Our Evolutionary Coaching Programs at Foundation, Advanced and Master levels are accredited by the ICF and/or earn you credits towards your ICF credential.

Learn more about the Evolutionary Coaching Approach

Curious about becoming a coach?
Watch this pre-recorded one-hour Introduction to Coaching webinar.

If becoming a certified coach or undertaking training to coach others is something you’ve been contemplating for a while, watch this webinar where our friendly team talks through our programs, the Evolutionary Coaching Approach, and answer some common questions.


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