Mentor coaching

Because incredible coaches need support, too.

Mentor coaching for a deeper understanding of yourself as a coach

We’re all a work in progress — even coaches. By experiencing the coaching process from the other side and working on developing ourselves, we can better serve others with truly impactful coaching.

Whether motivated by a desire to improve your own coaching skills or as a requirement for further credentialing there are many opportunities for coach mentoring.

Your mentor coach will observe or listen to your virtual or recorded coaching sessions and provide you with structured feedback to help you become aware of your coaching strengths, weaknesses, and style, and further develop your capabilities.

Mentor coaching is also a requirement for International Coaching Federation (ICF) accreditation or re-credentialing. TNM Coaching Academy provides world-class mentors to support you in any part of your coaching journey (ACC, PCC, MCC). All of TNM’s mentors are PCC certified or above and are qualified mentors with hours of coaching and mentoring experience.

Why mentor coaching is so important

Mentor coaching works because it uses high-level listening and questioning skills to empower you to examine your abilities and environment and create a path forward to become a more competent and empathetic coach.

By developing your self-awareness and owning the solutions to your development challenges, you are more likely to be able to do the same for others.

Mentor coaching provides you with:

  • Professional feedback provided by a mentor coach on your coaching skills and mindset, in particular in relation to the ICF core competencies
  • Feedback on your personal strengths to help you find clarity on your coaching style
  • A deeper level of learning on your individual coaching journey

What you can expect from mentor coaching

Yes, it involves self-reflection and identifying different approaches, but it’s also an invigorating and fun process.

Our one-to-one mentor coaching ensures you have the full attention of your mentor coach, and your sessions can be adapted to suit your personal goals as a coach. Individual sessions also give you a safe, intimate and confidential space for you and your mentor coach to explore your coaching journey together.

Our group mentor coaching enables you not only to learn from your own experience but also from the experience of others, exposing you to a wide range of coaching situations.

We recommend that mentoring takes place over an extended timeframe (a minimum of three months) so that your mentor coach can listen and provide feedback on a number of different caoching sessions. This also gives you the time and opportunity to reflect and apply what has emerged through mentoring before your next session.

Man in grey t-shirt and jeans sitting on the steps of a building applying for mentor coaching.

Our mentor coaching approach

We believe that each coach possesses a combination of natural ability and the capacity to develop.

When the pace of change in our world is increasing, coaches need to evolve quickly to work with clients facing new challenges every day.

As a coach, you need to be dynamic — adapting the way you work to new situations. Our mentors encourage you to explore how your coaching skills can be deepened and flexed to meet the needs of different clients. Our feedback enables you to build a coaching mindset and style that is unique to you, whilst developing the core skills to support others.


Have your mentor coaching questions answered with a FREE chemistry call

Mentor coaching is a requirement of your application when applying for ICF accreditation. You need to complete a total of 10 mentor coaching sessions, of which a minimum of three must be completed as individual sessions.

However, finding the right coach, and determining what you need to get out of your mentor coaching process may not be a straightforward as the requirements themselves.

We invite you to book a free chemistry call with one of TNM’s accredited coaches who can answer your questions and walk you through the process.

Book a free chemistry call

Start your growth a coach with a FREE mentor coaching chemistry call

To be a credible coach, you need to talk the talk, by walking the walk. Mentor coaching can help you be an empathetic coach at the top of your game.

Book a free chemistry call


To begin your growth as a coach:


Book a free chemistry call with one of our coaches.


If you’re happy with your new mentor coach, they’ll book you in for a paid coaching package.

TNM’s insightful and inspiring coaches

Our mentor coaches have a proven track record of helping coaches apply their Evolutionary Coaching Approach principles and the ICF Core Competencies.

Their unrivalled depth of knowledge and experience brings the magic of coaching alive and will inspire you to do the same for others.


mentor-coaching packages

There are enough things in world to confuse you – coaching packages shouldn’t be one of them.

We also want our mentor coaching services to be as accessible for people anywhere in the world – so they’re all held virtually.

Individual Mentor Coaching Package

This package provides you with 1:1 sessions with a mentor coach for feedback on your coaching skills, mindset, and the application of core competencies that is specific to your needs.

3 x 60-minute sessions
over 3 months



Group Mentor Coaching Package

This package offers you more sessions and the opportunity to learn from other others. Group mentoring sessions are limited to 10 participants to create an intimate environment where all participants can receive coaching supervision and mentorship.

5 x 90-minute sessions over 3 months



Combined Mentor Coaching Package

Our combined package offers you both individual and group mentor coaching sessions to help you develop your coaching skills and receive mentorship from different perspectives. It meets all the requirements from the ICF for accreditation or re-credentialing.

3 x 60-minute individual virtual sessions
5 x 90-minute virtual group sessions



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