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Coaching Reality Creation

If you are an experienced coach and looking for a way to differentiate yourself in the market and take your coaching practice to the next level then this masterclass is for you.


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The ultimate outcome of coaching on the mastery level is to create awareness that each client creates his own reality with his thoughts, emotions, and actions.

When you as a coach understand the mechanisms behind coaching reality creation, you will be able to support your clients to create extraordinary results in life and at work.


What will be shared

  • An introduction to three levels of reality creation (manifestation, reality creation and sourcing reality creation) and the differences between them
  • What happens when you allow conscious reality creation to evolve into sourcing reality creation
  • Introduction to Mega relating in coaching and how to coach supra-creation living reality
  • A demonstration on how to coach others in reality creation so they can discover the magical, synergistic, abundant, connective dance of sourcing reality creation

What will you gain…

  • Learning how you currently manifest or reality create
  • Learning how to coach  movement from individual to collective reality creation
  • Learning how to self regulate, so that you do not color or create your coachees experience
  • Learning how to become a conscious creator of world reality

Meet the facilitator

This masterclass is presented by TNM Coaching Founder and ICF certified Master Coach, Zoran Todorovic. Zoran is a leading international master coach, notable author, sought after speaker, thought leader, visionary and passionate activist for the evolution of human consciousness.

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