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Becoming a Master Coach

If you are a devoted coaching professional and are committed to personal growth and want to build a truly different and globally impactful coaching practice – this masterclass is for you.


Available starting dates
Tuesday, 5 December @ 2 pm CET

This free session will dive into the unique blend of intellectual, interpersonal, spiritual, and emotional qualities that you’ll need to become a Master Coach.

You will learn about the potential to open your mind to a new way of coaching that has the power to change individuals and humanity for the better and can differentiate you as a coach.


Who is this Masterclass for?

This masterclass is for coaches with PCC accreditation or equivalent experience who are considering further training to become a Master Coach.

It’s ideal if you:

  • Want to take your coaching to a level of mastery
  • You are searching for a master coach training program that is aligned to your values
  • You are looking looking for a way to differentiate yourself as a coach in the marketplace
  • You wish to contribute to humankind while evolving your own consciousness
  • Are searching for a course that teaches skills that help people achieve greater transformations

What will you gain…

During this session, you’ll discover the unique role and skills of the Master Coach to:

  • coach for potential vs coaching issues, problems and challenges
  • see people as mega beings with contributions to make vs small beings with problems to solve
  • help people move beyond individual contributions to greater contributions for the world
  • coach emotion and harness passion to bring new possibilities to life
  • coach shifts, leaps and breakthroughs for permanent improvements in being and becoming
  • coach in the moment using the power of connection, knowing and telepathy
  • coach creative genius in mega beings
  • understand the role of, and harness, source and energy
  • coach for collective human consciousness

Meet the facilitator

This masterclass is presented by TNM Coaching Founder and ICF certified Master Coach, Zoran Todorovic. Zoran is a leading international master coach, notable author, sought after speaker, thought leader, visionary and passionate activist for the evolution of human consciousness.

Is TNM’s Master Coach Training program worth it?

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Become the best coach you can be, unlock your and your clients full potential while differentiating yourself in the marketplace.
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