Awakening Your Coaching Potential

If you are a leader, manager or HR professional looking for hands-on strategies and best practices for creating a coaching culture within your organisation – this webinar is for you.


Available starting dates
Thursday, 25 April @ 2-3pm CEST

In this webinar, TNM’s Zoran Todorovic will be joined in conversation with James Cook, L&D Specialist at Nestlé. From fostering a growth mindset to implementing effective coaching techniques, we’ll share how to create and nurture a culture that empowers employees, enhances performance and drives success.

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What will you learn?

During this webinar, you’ll discover how to:

  • Unveiling Nestlé’s approach to crafting a robust framework for coaching, feedback, pivotal in fostering a coaching culture.
  • Discovering how TNM and Nestlé nurtures coaching skills among team members, empowering them for unparalleled success.
  • Gaining insights into seamless integration of coaching principles into leadership practices, driving organizational excellence.
  • Understanding how Nestlé designs an employee experience that prioritizes value and loyalty, reinforcing the coaching culture.
  • Exploring Nestlé’s strategies for establishing an environment where coaching naturally flows in everyday interactions, fostering growth and innovation.

Agenda for the event

  • Introduction to Coaching Culture
  • Benefits and Impact of Coaching in Organizations
  • Key Components of a Coaching Culture
  • Strategies for Implementing and Sustaining a Coaching Culture
  • Real-life Case Studies and Success Stories
  • Q&A Session

Meet the speakers

Zoran Todorovic is the founder of TNM Coaching and an ICF certified Master Coach. He works with global organisations to design, develop and deliver training solutions that unlock the potential of their greatest asset – people. Zoran is a notable author, sought after speaker, thought leader and passionate activist for the evolution of human consciousness.

James Cook is an L&D Specialist at Nestle where he focuses on coaching, mentoring and team development. He is an ICF certified Associate Coach and accredited Individual Team and Mentor Coach with EMCC Global. James’ passion is to drive change and create environments where everyone can thrive.

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