Robert Kahn

Robert Kahn

Robbie’s coaching benefits executives in “moving from unconscious reactions to conscious responses.” He is dedicated to seeing leaders make the most of every opportunity. Robbie emphasizes influential communication skills as crucial to the on-going success of top executives. A specialist in aiding the development of executive presence and maximizing positive influence, Robbie’s coaching draws out a leader’s ability to communicate confidence and concern for others. 

Robbie points top executives to become an “even greater expression of who they already are” by enhancing leadership skills and leadership presence across different cultures and personalities. His distinctive energy and style accelerate the unlocking of potential for transformative leadership development. Robbie instills senior executives the wherewithal to consistently communicate who they are and what they want. He complements executives desiring to experience greater impact in their leadership by adjusting focus from problems to possibilities. This way, success is achieved by design, not by chance.

Robbie held in-house senior executive positions in management consultancy, corporate communications, investor relations, marketing and media relations. His ability to match practical business sense with media savvy have garnered his companies increased market capitalization and successful re-branding. Robbie is undaunted by cross-cultural endeavors and excels meeting the needs of multinational organizations as evidenced by his successful implementation of a corporate communication plan spanning thirteen countries and eleven languages. His accomplishments are grounded in the currency of effective business practice which is only enhanced by his superior communication techniques.

An international executive coach since 2002, Robbie knows that leadership and management are not synonymous; while both have their uses, he is passionate about growing strong leaders. Robbie coaches top executives—from diverse nationalities and across a variety of industries—to be leaders who consistently excel. Recent coaching assignments have included transitioning a senior executive from leading others to leading leaders; positioning high-potentials on their trajectory to senior leadership; and assisting top executives to expand their vision and impact in multinational Fortune 500 companies. A result-oriented coach, clients commend Robbie’s attentiveness to their needs, his flexibility in approach and staying “up-to-date with the changing demands of the corporate / International organization world.”