Ralf Hamm

Ralf Hamm

Ralf is an executive coach and leadership advisor who brings 30 years of practical leadership and business experience from corporate environments in Europe, Asia, and America.

Ralf has a proven track record as a former CEO and of training, facilitating and coaching success based on the natural ability to ask the right questions, help executives receive difficult stakeholder feedback and support them across a wide range of leadership und business development challenges including:

Cross-cultural issues, rapidly meeting the expectations of stretch assignments; navigating new reporting structures and/or mergers; transitioning into key rainmaker roles; building and repairing critical relationships; enhancing leadership presence and communication excellence; and creating sustainability in distribution and business development.

As areas of expertise are leadership issues around team effectiveness (e.g. cross-cultural, matrix and virtual issues), emotional intelligence (like empathy, assertiveness, conflict management, communication skills), alignment and maintaining commitment along mission, vision, goals and values, etc..