Values Driven Leadership by Sabreena Andriesz

What is truly important to you in your life and work?

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About this Class

What do your personal values really mean to you? How do they inform your unique leadership style? This course will help you achieve this self-awareness, to identify your values, bring them to life and demonstrate them through your behavior.  It is your actions, not your words that speak to how well you represent your values by being a role model, by recognizing your values, and living them with openness, honesty, authenticity, and courage.


Why should I attend?

Your personal values are like an inner compass. They guide your words and behaviours. Without a compass you can become lost.  With nothing to guide you how can you expect to guide others?  In a virtual yet interactive discovery process you will uncover your own unique set of values and understand their importance to how you lead and how they can make you an even better leader!


What will I learn?

  • Understand how values are formed
  • Identify your own values
  • Clarify what formed those values
  • Explore and test your values


Format and Schedule

1 x 120 minutes session (with optional post-workshop individual coaching)

Your teacher

Sabreena Andriesz

Known for her integrative approach, Sabreena Andriesz is passionate about partnering her clients towards the fulfillment of their desired performance targets and catalyzing individuals and their organizations to live and work with authenticity and courage.  Born in Sri Lanka, raised in Saudi Arabia and educated in England, she is now a citizen of Singapore. Her multi-cultural experience gives her a unique perspective on how she addresses challenges leaders face in multicultural corporations. 

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