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About this Class

Communication skills are crucial to present, influence and connect with others in a powerful and persuasive manner. You need more than general training. You need focused coaching on how to structure and deliver messages while remaining congruent to yourself. This program provides that by helping you move from unconscious reactions to conscious trained responses. It helps you to get more of what you want, more of the time, with less hassle, less resistance and more buy in at all levels while sustaining this over time.


Why should I attend?

Most communication patterns are formed over time; habits can only be broken through awareness, decision, commitment, and practice. New behaviors require a new language.  This approach involves working at two levels: inside-out and outside-in to help you balance the “what” and “how” of your communication and operates at the following three levels:

  1. Presentation skills – specific techniques, mechanics, and approaches will be taught and coached that will build on your past courses
  2. Emotional awareness – allowing you to be emotionally available throughout presentations and interactions to assess the impact of what and how you are presenting
  3. Communication skills – to say what needs to be said creating higher levels of acceptance, while being aware of, and reducing resistance


What will I learn?

  • Look, act and sound LeaderLike, achieving likeability and credibility and move to “trusted advisor” mode quicker balancing the “what” and “how” when communicating
  • Use charisma, presence, and commitment to achieve impact – never on perfection
  • Find an authentic and compelling personal style for all audiences across all channels
  • Become more audience-focused, message-driven, and action-oriented towards, peers, clients, and stakeholders
  • Discover the current communication style and how others may perceive these behaviors
  • Experience Robbie’s expert input to identify weak spots that hold back leaders
  • Make positive first impressions using rapport techniques to set the tone for successful relationships
  • Understand communication and learning preferences and how to use a language to appeal to all audiences
  • Understand perception and non-verbal communication using dynamic and persuasive presenting techniques to develop an informative yet fluent, and relaxed style...
  • Become more aware of the non-verbal signals others send and then adapt style/message
  • Maximize personal power to influence decisions/agendas by managing your own state, and guiding the audience’s state as well
  • Manage Q&A with confidence and elegance while remaining calm
  • Balance and manage power, status and respect messages assuring “power with” dynamics
  • Connect to audience needs and be able to state and maintain your own needs
  • Understand stakeholders needs and what drives them
  • Drive and develop Communication Intelligence
  • Provide leaders a platform to develop their communication strategy


Format and Schedule

3 x 4 hours sessions (12 total hours)

Your teacher

Robert Kahn

Robert Kahn is a coach trainer and consultant based in Geneva, Switzerland. He is CEO and creator of LeaderLike You!, a communication and leadership approach to being a leader in all facets of an organization. He is French and US citizen, speaks English, French, Spanish and German fluently and is truly multinational. He helps individuals and teams to positively influence customers, colleagues and others achieve desired outcomes with everyone feeling valued and

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