Pranayama by Vikram Abhishek Mall

One breath at a time. One realization at a time. One new beginning at a time.

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The Sanskrit word ‘pranayama translates to ‘regulation of life force energy’ (prana). Today the power of breathing is well known. In this program we will discover some largely unknown practices of pranayama while going into detail about the more obscure ones. Breath is used as medium of awareness, movement and relaxation that impacts all levels of existence - material/physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We will practice the known pranayama and its variations while in later weeks also practicing advanced techniques. The sessions will develop as per the participants ability and practice. This program is based on the trainer’s personal understanding and practices.


Why should I attend?

With the practice of Pranayama, you will see some or many of the following benefits:

1. Improves Cardiovascular Health
As Pranayama increases the blood circulation and oxygen capacity of the blood, it helps improving the cardiovascular function of your body if practiced regularly.

2. Reduces Risk of Hypertension
Pranayama allows the body to relax and be free of stress and tensions which helps in bringing down hypertension.

3. Improves Lung Function
This is one of the most important health benefits of pranayama. Pranayama is the best breathing technique to get your lungs functioning properly. It is particularly useful for people who have breathing problems or asthma.

4. Treats Depression
The health benefits of pranayama are extended to mental strength also. Practicing pranayama regularly will help treat depression and anxiety.

5. Weight loss
Health benefits of pranayama are not limited to the proper functioning of your internal organs. It can also help to reduce your body weight if practiced regularly.

6. Detoxification
Pranayama is an excellent method to remove all accumulated toxins from your body. Among the many methods in yoga for the detoxification of our body, Pranayama is the most popular one.

7. Strengthens Immune System
Strengthening the immune system is one of the most important health benefits of pranayama.

8. Cures Digestive Problems
Practicing Pranayama daily helps in alleviating digestive problems and helps reduce bloating.

9. Fight Sinusitis
Treating sinusitis is one of the most important health benefits of pranayama. Practicing the pranayama technique known as Bhastrika is the best option to treat or prevent sinusitis.

10. Clears Nasal Passages
Pranayama helps in clearing out the nasal passages and stuffy noses.

11. Improves Mental Concentration
Increased mental concentration is one of the most important health benefits of pranayama.

12. Good for Skin Health
Regular Pranayama can remove the blemishes and wrinkles from the skin and provide fresh oxygen making your skin glow in health.

There are many other benefits that individuals will experience, which are reportedly singular in nature.


What will I learn?

By the end of the full program you will have learned the following with its benefits and variations. They will be taught and discussed during the program.

Pre Pranayama Readiness
1. Standing Readiness
2. Sitting readiness with mudra

Basic Pranayama
1. Yogic Breathing
2. Thoracic Breathing
3. Abdominal Breathing
4. Complete Breathing
5. Kapalbhati (frontal brain cleansing breath)
6. Bhastrika (Bellows breath)
7. Nadi Shodhan (psychic network purification)
8. Sheetali/Sheetkari (cooling breath)
9. Brahmari (Humming bee breath)
10. Ujjayi (Ocean's breath)

1. Learning to hold the breath in the outward and inward flows.
2. Variations in all the above techniques once the basic is mastered.


Format and Schedule

90 minutes session, one time a week. For 3 months. (12 Total Hours)

Your teacher

Vikram Abhishek Mall

Vikram Abhishek Mall has trained with the famous Bihar School of Yoga at Munger, India and with Arsha Yoga Peetham, Combatore, India. He also has experimented with various schools of meditation and pranayama. Early in his career he was a farmer and ran a poultry breeding farm for 4 years. After a fulfilling and adventurous farming stint, he worked with Dr Subhashini Passi, Institute of Creative Thinking, Indore, India, working for three years teaching Creativity, Whole Brain Thinking and Leadership.

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